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Executive and VIP Support Services

The use of high profile clients on projects can pose specific challenges which require constant evaluation and planning. Pinder Security is a specialist in the orchestration and provision of all aspects of your clients visit and strive to provide a complete package of VIP services allowing you freedom to concentrate on other aspects of your project. Being a bespoke security provider it makes sense to utilise our professional network of providers to ensure a fluid and efficient visit for your client. Combining security and services provision we are able to provide a highly professional, efficient and confident service for your client. The direct passage of information this combination enables ensures your client receives the correct information at the correct time and therefore the integrity of the visit is upheld. From the initial planning of the visit through to the final execution, we are able to provide the planning and support you need to ensure that your client receives the best attention and service available.  We are happy to facilitate airport collection (public or private), hotel provision, location transfers and "on set" accomodation. We can also organise any other activities or visits to enhance your clients stay.  



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