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Protecting both the personal and physical integrity of your client is a constant challenge in todays technically evolving world. High profile or high net worth individuals are not always comfortable to carry out the day-to-day tasks others take for granted due to concerns for their personal well being and security. The use of close protection can help to overcome these concerns as we ensure the principals security by allowing freedom of movement within a discrete yet secure outer perimeter. At Pinder Security we insist that all our CPO´s are fully certified and registered to work in a close protection role (certificates available) and are subject to continuation training and situation rehearsals. Our international staff are registered with the Security Industry Authority in the UK and here in Spain with the Ministerio Del Interior. All have a police or military background which is beneficial in high risk or sensitive situations. 


Prior preparation and planning are crucial to the running of a smooth operation. To this end during the planning stage of the visit a risk assessment will be made covering the whole itinery including arrival, accommodation, venues, transport and departure. Any areas of concern will be highlighted by the security team and solutions sought to ensure the continued achievement of the visit objectives. Extensive route planning is used to ensure the clients itinery remains extant during the visit. This route planning includes a detailed plan of the primary route, alternative routes, local medical facilities and police services. Main and alternative entry/exit points are planned for each location and an event calender sought from local authorities to advise of possible delays on route (road works, local events etc). During execution of the task our CPO's constantly evaluate any threat to the clients physical integrity as well as paying extreme vigilance to invasions of privacy from both paparazzi and interested individuals. This vigilance combined with constant radio contact with the outer perimeter personnel ensures the security team are prepared for immediate tactical changes should threat levels increase. Further to the initial risk assessment of the venues, the CPO´s constantly evaluate any areas of vulnerability regarding  the venue security during the clients visit and work with the location security personnel to eradicate or minimise the clients exposure. Throughout the visit our security team constantly monitor the clients vehicles and accommodation to ensure all personal belongings are secure and private information safeguarded.


Pinder Security seek to provide a confident and secure service which when combined with discretion, manners and integrity will ensure your visit achieves its objectives in an efficient and pleasant manner. 



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